About salary.


I think I'm quite satisfied with what I always get in here. What I mean is, I feel like my boss and also my managers always evaluate me in a fair way. If I do something, they always look at it and also evaluate it in a fair way. So if I achieve something, of course they give me what I deserve. So I feel like people always look at me and then try to evaluate me in a fair way.


About the team atmosphere.

嘘だと思われるかもしれませんが、英語サービス部は本当に最高のチームです。もちろん毎週ではないですけど、よく遊びに出かけます。例えば、一緒にカラオケに行ったり。 先週もボーリングに行きました。家族みたいな感じで、いつも一生懸命に働いているけど就業後に外で飲みに行って、人生や仕事について語り合います。とてもいい環境だと信じています。


I don't wanna lie, it sounds a bit like a lie if I say this, but I feel like I have got the best crews at the Teacher Department right now. Of course, it's not like I always hang out every weekend, but I often hang out with my coworkers. We go to karaoke together, for example. We actually went bowling last week. It's more, we are like a family, so we work very hard together, but after that we just grab a couple of drinks outside and talk about life and work.Outright this is one of the best working environments you could possibly get.

I would say, I reckon there are so many reasons why you should work for this company. First of all, are people nice here? I'm not gonna lie about it. I'm not talking about only teachers, but for example, people in other departments are always nice to me and we always try to communicate with each other so the atmosphere at the office is one of the best I have ever had in my life so I think that's something we can guarantee.


For those who will work with us in the future.


Also, I would say, our students are the best. They are always nice.I have taught both adults and also kids before,here we are mainly teaching young adults and students in their 20`s.I just wanna say they are the best, because they know they are going to go on a working holiday some time soon and they are always very motivated to study English.So I think for those reasons, I believe Yumekana is one of the places you should look for in your life.